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10,000+ ChatGPT Prompts to
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Go from dabbler to master of ChatGPT, so you don’t fall behind the AI revolution and 10X your productivity.

✅ 2,000+ tasks for all your marketing needs

✅ 10,000+ not-so-obvious prompts

✅ Copy & paste with examples and tricks

✅ Marketing GPT Bot designed to be your free marketer


💰 Imagine how much money and freedom would all those hours represent?

All because you have the right prompts to unlock the full power of AI.

Here’s a shocking truth…

😱 20 hours

👆  That’s how much time per week an average marketer or business owner can save per week

by utilizing ChatGPT to its full potential… 🎉

Productivity Comparison

👆  That’s how much time per week an average marketer or business owner can save per week

by utilizing ChatGPT to its full potential… 🎉

Because the truth is that…

👉 Most People Are Not Using ChatGPT to Even 10% Of Its Potential 👈


Sure, you tell it to write you some tweets and make a few corrections.


But here are some of the things that ChatGPT can do that 

you probably had no idea about:

What you can do with prompts:

✅ Generate ideas to refresh creatives
✅ Research high-growth markets and audiences to target
✅ Write a personality-driven, weekly newsletter
✅ Brainstorm ideas for products
✅ Create a content marketing strategy
✅ Create an SOP
✅ Create upsell pages
✅ Craft human-sounding reviews
✅ Give New Effective Ideas For Lead Generation
✅ Suggest questions for podcast interviews

What more you can do:

✅ Increase Customer Retention
✅ Analyze Financial Statements
✅ Find Gaps in the Tech Stack
✅ Create word-by-word scripts for YouTube and reels
✅ Create NDAs
✅ Create high-converting sales scripts
✅ Optimize social media bios & posts for increased engagement
✅ Help with Feedback to Team Members
✅ Translate website copy for a global audience
✅ Summarize data for reporting & client calls


😳 Yes, AI is scary.

😵 But what’s even scarier is getting left behind by the AI revolution.


Because what’s true is that AI is here to stay. 

Everyone from major venture capitalists to boutique advertising agencies to 

Bali freelancers is adopting it to not fall behind.


So we have two options…

x Adapt or die x

It’s as simple as that.


And with these copy & paste
prompts, you’ll be able to:

Save countless hours of tedious tasks

Get ahead of your competition

Cut monthly costs

Deliver high-quality work at scale

Streamline operations

Free your time and avoid burnout


This is just some of the tedious work
you'll be able to automate:

and much more...


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